Skibidi Elastic Head

by Kiz10

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In the entertaining puzzle game Skibidi Elastic Head, your goal is to assist the Skibidi Toilet in escaping from the cameraman and completing each level. Play the part of a courageous skibidi toilet and see if you can elude the camera crew. Make sure you finish each level before the alarm goes off; if you do, youll get a lot of cash, but if you pause for too long, youll be caught and killed. You may access a wide variety of skins for your skibidi, including characters from Rick and Morty, Five Nights at Freddys, Monster Rainbow, and many more.Website Developer



DESKTOP CONTROLS Use the mouse to stretch the skibidi toilets head across the map.TOUCH CONTROLS Tap the screen to stretch the skibidi toilets head across the map.


900 X 500


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